4 Airline Pilots Died in Same Week After Being Forced to Do THIS

Please watch this before you buy that plane ticket.

Breaking news leaking out of the airline industry is quite disturbing: internal documents obtained by Dr. Jane Ruby contain shocking information about an alarming number of recent pilot deaths in the commercial airline industry.

According to Dr. Ruby, pilots are being forced to take the COVID-19 jab if they want to keep their jobs. Meanwhile, four doctors last week died from blood clots after getting the Covid “vaccine.”

Listen in as Dr. Ruby talks with Stew Peters about the documents she obtained and the sudden deaths of four British Airways pilots in one week.

Dr. Ruby is also on the trail of three Delta pilot deaths.

Did you know some well known airlines are telling Covid-vaccinated people NOT to fly?


  1. Bill Gates and elites Zero population. Wow. Old sick ill people dead. Low immune people getting ill children with no knowledge if they will able to reproduce is it become good clear yet Why. One way to rid the world of weak people. Really think about this. What happened to hippa. It’s non of your business what I have done about my health . If my company mandates this I will require them to sign a 20 million payment to my family if I die or become serverely ill. By a legal lawyer Judy

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