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National Archives Unveils New Batch of Biden Documents to Oversight Panel

his week, the National Archives handed over approximately 6,000 pages of documents, containing 211 emails, to the House Oversight Committee as part of the impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden. According to Axios, Gary Stern, the chief legal officer for the National Archives, confirmed the submission in two letters dated March 26 to the committee’s chairman, James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky.

The release of these documents comes amidst allegations from the committee accusing the National Archives of hindering their access to necessary information for the probe. This occurs as the Republican party gradually recognizes that their extensive inquiry might not lead to an impeachment.

In his correspondence, Stern mentioned that the National Archives is implementing a systematic notification process for the legal representatives of both the former and current Presidents. The documents provided include several items requested by the committee, such as records of Biden’s use of a pseudonym while he was vice president, preliminary versions of a speech he delivered to the Ukrainian government in 2015, and interactions involving his son Hunter Biden and Hunter’s business partners.

To date, the National Archives has disclosed over 20,000 pages of emails pertaining to Hunter Biden and the Biden family, and has delivered an additional 75,000 pages of documents to House Republicans, as stated by a senior Democratic aide in the House. This aide also noted the Archives’ concerted effort to manage the requests faithfully, including a tripling of its staff to accommodate the increased workload.

Previously in the autumn, the National Archives revealed that Biden had been involved in up to 82,000 pages of private email communications during his vice-presidential tenure. This led Comer to assure that the Oversight Committee would ultimately receive all pertinent documents.

The disclosed emails span Biden’s entire eight years as vice president and feature correspondences from three pseudonymous email accounts.

Moreover, Comer has indicated a shift in the investigation’s focus, moving away from pursuing Biden’s impeachment toward obtaining criminal referrals potentially actionable by the Justice Department should Donald Trump reassume the presidency.