Apparently It’s ‘Racist’ To Cry If You’re A White Woman – Here’s Why

In the most recent pretzel logic argument of the left, it’s now racist to cry.

It all started with a TikTok trend called the “Acting Challenge” where a woman posts a video of herself crying real tears, and then suddenly stops.


#stitch with @hannahstocking this is not a trend, this is a thre@t. #28XTREMES #bipoc #wwtears

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To me, this looks like, I dunno… ACTING.

But the black community has used this as an opportunity to create more victimization.

Earlier this month, a number of white women began posting videos of themselves pretending to cry, only to suddenly stop and smile. And though they initially saw it as an “acting challenge” of sorts, the “trend” has since kicked off a larger discussion about white women’s historic weaponization of their victimhood against Black people.

From criticism about its tone deaf nature to posts about Emmett Till’s murder, all of the crying was (rightfully) panned for its complete disregard of the innumerable Black people who’ve been subject to violence as a result of these “crocodile tears.”

“White women have historically used their tears and their false victimhood to accuse and vilify people of color, particularly those from the Black community,” one person tweeted. “This ‘trend’ is showing the ability to falsify emotions and manipulate others. This has a dangerous history…”

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It’s almost impressive how easily offended they are. It’s like their inner monologue is, “I must act quickly to turn this innocent scenario into a moment of virtue signaling so I can get my victim points.”