Are All Trump Trials ‘Concocted and Run By Crooked Joe Biden’?

Biden May Reduce Hunter’s Jail Sentence

On Wednesday, the White nouse did not dismiss the possibility of President Biden commuting his son Hunter’s sentence following his conviction on firearm-related charges. This came after reporters questioned administration officials for the first time since the verdict, during a briefing on Air Force One as President Biden was traveling to Italy for the G7 summit.

Despite previously stating he would not pardon his son, the president has accepted the trial’s outcome. However, when pressed about potentially commuting the sentence, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refrained from giving a direct answer, reiterating the president’s prior statements to ABC that he would not pardon Hunter.

Jean-Pierre highlighted that the sentencing had not yet been scheduled and deferred to the president’s previous comments. Hunter, found guilty of falsifying information about his drug use to obtain a firearm in 2018, could face up to 25 years in prison and a $750,000 fine, although such a severe sentence is uncommon for first-time offenders.

Shortly after the verdict, President Biden made an unscheduled visit to Wilmington, Delaware, where he met with Hunter, who later returned to his home in Los Angeles. The White House also canceled its scheduled press briefing that day. Jean-Pierre avoided providing details about the time the president and his son spent together or the president’s location during the verdict announcement, emphasizing the personal nature of the situation related to his family and his support for his son.

Throughout his term, President Biden has commuted the sentences of numerous individuals convicted of nonviolent drug offenses, underscoring his approach to clemency. In April alone, he granted clemency to 16 people and commuted the sentences of 31 Americans convicted of such offenses who were serving time in home confinement.