BEFORE & AFTER: Pictures of California’s Ridiculous Homeless Crisis

The homeless crisis in California is at an all time high. And that’s saying something.

There are currently 108,000 homeless people in Los Angeles, one of the most liberal cities in the United States. The number continues to climb.

Venice Beach Littered with Tents

Many neighborhoods in California are now completely overrun with homeless people that have travelled to live there. Tax payers are not happy.

“They make it really easy for people to be homeless.”

Homeless Woman in LA

In Los Angeles, homeless people are gifted with free showers, food, and clothing. There is little attempt to get them off the streets. It has become an enticing location for them.

Robot Delivers Free Food to Homeless Man

California used to be known for its sunshine and beautiful beaches, like this picture below.

Venice Beach BEFORE the Homeless Takeover

But now, it’s a sight out of a zombie movie.