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Pelosi Spreads More Trump Lies

ormer Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized former President Trump’s planned visit to Capitol Hill on Thursday, accusing him of attempting to undermine democracy. “Today, the instigator of an insurrection returns to the scene of the crime. On January 6th, our Capitol—built under the guidance of Lincoln—witnessed the disgrace of Nazi and Confederate flags within its dome,” Pelosi stated, referring to the violent events during the January 6, 2021 riot.

She emphasized the gravity of the assault on the Constitution and the peaceful transfer of power, as rioters sought to overturn the 2020 election results. “This assault was not just on the building but also on the Constitution, involving members, valiant police officers, and staff. It led to deaths, injuries, and ongoing trauma,” she continued.

Trump’s visit to the Capitol, his first since the insurrection, is part of his broader agenda which Pelosi claims includes undermining democratic institutions. “Trump, with his past remarks about ruling as a dictator and seeking revenge on political adversaries, arrives with intentions that threaten our democratic framework,” she asserted.

During his visit, Trump is set to engage with the Business Roundtable and hold discussions with Senate Republicans focusing on policy before the upcoming November election. He will also meet with the House Republican conference to discuss strategies to expand their majority and their legislative agenda for 2025, according to a spokesperson for Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.).

Pelosi, who has had a fraught relationship with Trump during her speakership, during which the House impeached Trump twice, highlighted the dangers of Trump’s potential re-election. She remains vocal about the threats she perceives to democracy under his influence.