Biden Says Trump Did Nothing For America As President, You Agree?

Biden Campaign Twists Trump’s Words

In a new campaign video released on Monday, President Biden’s reelection team capitalized on controversial remarks made by former President Trump at a recent rally in Las Vegas. During this event, where temperatures soared past 100 degrees and technical glitches provoked Trump’s ire, he notably stated, “I don’t care about you, I just want your vote.” This comment was prominently featured in Biden’s video, followed by an image of Biden endorsing the message.

The rally incident occurred as the latest polls from Decision Desk HQ/The Hill show Biden slightly behind Trump in Nevada—a state critical to his 2024 prospects after securing it in the 2020 election with just over 50% of the vote. Trump’s near-miss at 48% in the last election underscores the state’s significance.

Moreover, the Biden campaign has been proactive over the past week, releasing several videos targeting Trump’s divisive language. This included criticism of his remarks about veterans, with a particularly impactful video on Friday featuring three veterans who criticized Trump as a “draft dodger” and questioned his suitability as commander in chief, coinciding with the D-Day anniversary. These strategic releases form part of Biden’s broader effort to contrast his values and leadership style against Trump’s controversial statements and conduct.