Biden’s Latest Scheme to Brainwash Children Will Make Parents & Kids Angry

The government is always looking for ways to indoctrinate the children. Joe Biden just proposed a new plan to brainwash our kids by making a radical change to the American education system.

This is one of his craziest ideas yet.

At a press conference today in Crystal Lake, Illinois, Biden was talking about his “Build Back Better” agenda (more like “Brainwash Billy Better”), and things quickly went sideways.

Biden wants to add two more years to the public education system. Instead of twelve years, Biden thinks all children should have a minimum of 14 years of education.

“I’ve decided that we should have a minimum of 14 years of education.” – Joe Biden

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What rationale does Biden make for this change?

Here’s what he said: “Does anybody think in the 21st century with the change that’s taking place in technology and across the board, that 12 years of education is enough to be able to live a middle-class life? I don’t think so.”

Of course, Biden threw in some quotes by his wife, Dr. Jill, like this brilliant quote: “any nation that out-educates us, is going to out-compete us.”

“That’s why I want to guarantee an additional four years of public education for every person in America, starting with providing two years of universal, high-quality pre-school for three and four-year-olds,” said Biden, adding that he was building on what the Governor of Illinois is doing.

Biden citing a “study of a high-quality program here in Chicago,” he said that low-income children that attended a preschool were 47 percent more likely to earn an “associates degree or higher.”

“We have to build on that foundation for future success,” said Biden. “And then I want to add two years of free community college for everyone.”

“And we can afford it,” he stressed after an applause break.

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In total, Biden’s plan actually totals 17 years of government brainwashing on American children. From ages 3 to 20.

Of course, Biden didn’t give any hard numbers when he said “we can afford it.” That doesn’t seem plausible considering the federal government is over 20 trillion dollars in debt. More free education on top of free healthcare and universal basic income makes my head explode trying to figure out how to pay for all these Democratic programs.

Let’s do more than just roll our eyes at this latest power grab from Biden and the Democrats.

Conservatives need to speak out at school board meetings, and contact their Congressional representatives. We must make sure this liberal scheme never gets off the ground.

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