BLM Activist And School Board Director Accused Of Molesting Over 60 Children

A BLM activist, and school board director has been accused of sexually assaulting more than 60 children. Most of them were illegal immigrants.

Let me introduce you to Tay Anderson:


Tay has had a little problem lately. People just keep coming forward to accuse him of acts he claims to have nothing to do with. Horrific acts.

Earlier this week, Mary Brooks Fleming, a mother of three students within the Denver Public School district, testified during a legislative committee at the state legislature saying a person in the district was sexually assaulting and targeting more than 60 children. She did not name the individual.

Fleming testified some of the children were violently raped by the employee and, in some cases, asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

“Individuals were coming to my home asking for medical attention. One was as young as 14 and needed stitches. All in all, 61 high school students and one recent graduates would turn to me for help,” Fleming said. “Sixty-two victims as young as 14! Sixty-one were undocumented or dreamers. All were so afraid of this one man.”

CBS Denver

62 children, violently raped! Anderson claimed he is innocent, but decided to step down from the school board. Just in case, I guess?

Back in March, a BLM group also accused him of sexual assault. Anderson released a statement on Twitter for that event too.

How terrible that an “innocent man” keeps getting accused of horrific acts. Even by his very own activist group.

A big reveals like this makes you wonder if there’s some more sinister reason behind liberal’s love of “undocumented” immigrants. When they’re in a country illegally, going to the police is going to be a lot harder for them. Maybe no one even knows to look for them. They don’t even know they were there at all.

  1. Luckily, in America, you are innocent until proven guilty! It is so easy for someone to make this type of charge,but extremely difficult to prove innocence. This someone might be absolutely in the right to make the charge, but often the person making the charge has a different agenda than getting justice for a wrongful act! It is often used to besmirch reputations, get person removed from office, obtain monetary recompense, get revenge, for perceived insult to one, destroy jobs, etc! I’m sure you all have heard of or know someone who was wrongly accused of molestation. So before this person is wrongly fired, let’s get the FACTS!

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