College Undergrads End Up Hating America, Justify Looting, Want Reparations Paid

America’s next generation of college students, markedly liberal and who support Joe Biden nearly 3-to-1 over President Trump, have strongly adopted the positions of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to a sweeping new survey conducted for Yale University’s William F. Buckley Program.

Embracing the view that America is racist, 51% of undergraduates 24 years old or younger said that the nation is “inextricably linked to white supremacy” and that most minorities are “excluded from the American promise of equality.”

Even more, 64% said that whites who do not speak out against racism are “perpetuating the injustices” minorities face. That was a common theme promoted by white protesters at the recent protests.

And in a blow to those positions, the students, 52% to 31%, believe that taxpayers should pay reparations to the descendants, a bill that could reach $6.2 quadrillion, or $151 million per descendant, according to one study. KEEP READING
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