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Border Patrol Spouses Express Concern Over Increasing Hostility Encountered by Agentsi

Spouses of U.S. Border Patrol officers are voicing concerns about the impact of the current border policies on their families.

On a recent episode of “Fox & Friends”, Alison Anderson and Ashley Di Bella shed light on the rising violent incidents their spouses face amidst the ongoing border situation.

Anderson, whose spouse is stationed in the Del Rio region, commented, “Our officers frequently confront uncooperative and aggressive unauthorized entrants.”

She went on to express her fears, noting, “Violent encounters with our officers are likely to escalate.”

Anderson mentioned an incident where her spouse encountered an unauthorized individual hiding with a significant firearm. She stressed that many possess arms and often knives.

Anderson stated, “The risks are amplifying under this administration due to the relaxed border controls. These officers feel undermined, unappreciated, and devoid of respect. They now grapple with an uptick in violent confrontations.”

Di Bella, who shared that her husband now operates along the northern U.S. boundary, said he had primarily served at the Mexican border.

“During our time in McAllen, Texas, my husband faced several confrontations. The main problem, in my view, is the absence of repercussions,” Di Bella remarked.

Di Bella observed that while this issue persisted over various tenures, the present scenario is witnessing a spike in numbers and consequently, violent encounters.

Anderson conveyed the misconception of viewing Border Patrol officers as mere caretakers. Due to such misrepresentation, the escalating violence often remains unreported, making the officers more susceptible to assaults.

Commenting on the situation, Anderson exclaimed, “It’s deeply concerning the challenges our officers face under the current leadership.”

She added that her husband looks forward to retirement in five years and is now fighting viral pneumonia acquired from a facility in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Similarly, Di Bella noted a rise in unauthorized crossings at the northern border.

Both Di Bella and Anderson concur that a potential solution to the border situation might come with a change in leadership in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Separately, Texas congressional aspirant Mayra Flores, who appeared on “Fox & Friends First”, discussed the perilous circumstances Border Patrol officers confront.

She asserted, “Such heinous acts persist primarily in south Texas and nationwide due to diminished patrolling and an emphasis on processing, a consequence of current policies that appear to incentivize unauthorized immigration.”

Flores recently highlighted the severity of the issue by sharing a photo of an injured CBP officer following an altercation with an unauthorized migrant.

On Instagram, she depicted the gravity of the situation, noting encounters with aggressive individuals reluctant to be detained. She indicated such an individual, tagged derogatorily by cartels, resisted an officer until reinforcements arrived. Flores urged for prayers and support for the uniformed personnel.

A previous statement by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection highlighted an alarming surge in violent incidents against their agents in California, attributing it mainly to human traffickers.