Did Trump Make America Great When He Was President?

What are the allegations against Biden?

On Thursday, House Oversight Chair James Comer stated that the Republican members plan to introduce multiple pieces of evidence, including emails, text messages, and bank records, suggesting potential misconduct by Joe Biden during his public service. This evidence, they claim, points to Biden’s alleged misuse of his position.

A document released by the leaders of the Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees on Wednesday highlighted that the investigation will cover Biden’s tenure as Vice President under Obama, his time away from public office, and his current presidency. The main focus of the investigation is to determine if Biden engaged in any illicit activities, such as bribery or misuse of influence, during his time in office. Additionally, the inquiry will explore if the current administration has made any attempts to block investigations into these allegations.

The document further alleges that the Biden family and their associated businesses have profited significantly from foreign entities over the years, with Biden himself being directly involved in some of these transactions.

Who will testify in the hearing?

The upcoming House Oversight Committee hearing will feature insights from experts in finance and law. The Republican side will present three witnesses: a forensic accountant, a former official from the Justice Department’s Tax Division, and a legal academic, as reported by NBC News. The Democrats have also selected a law professor to provide testimony.

However, it’s important to note that the individuals testifying on Thursday aren’t directly connected to the alleged business activities of Hunter Biden or any supposed involvement of the president, as mentioned by CNN.