Do You Blame Pelosi For The Jan 6th Riot?

Trump’s Absence Felt at the Debate

The noticeable absence of Trump, the leading GOP candidate, was evident during the recent debate. His competitors didn’t hesitate to comment on his decision to skip the event.

DeSantis pointedly remarked, “Donald Trump should have been here tonight.”

Christie, addressing Trump directly through the camera, stated, “I’m aware you’re tuned in. Your absence isn’t due to poll numbers or legal challenges. You’re avoiding this stage and defending your actions.” He added, “If you continue this way, we won’t refer to you as Donald Trump but as Donald Duck.”

Trump had also missed the initial debate in Milwaukee and chose not to attend the second one in Simi Valley. Instead, he delivered a speech in Michigan the same evening.

He has justified his absence from the debates by pointing to his substantial lead in the polls and his perceived unfair treatment by Fox. Despite facing several legal challenges, including four criminal charges, Trump’s position as the GOP front-runner remains unshaken, leaving his rivals striving to match his momentum.