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Biden Pledges to Close Border in Event of Overcrowding, Conditional on Congressional Legislation

President Biden has committed to closing the border in situations of excessive strain, contingent on the enactment of a bipartisan border security bill by Congress.

Biden emphasized in a recent statement, “The proposed legislation represents the most rigorous and equitable border security reforms our nation has seen. It would grant me the emergency power to close the border under overwhelming conditions. I assure you, upon receiving this power, I would exercise it immediately upon the bill’s enactment.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) expressed skepticism about the bill’s prospects, suggesting that if the details of the proposed agreement are as reported, the combination of border security and Ukraine aid measures would be unlikely to pass in the House.

In his communication to fellow House members, Johnson noted, “Given the Senate’s current deadlock, it appears any proposed legislation on this matter would be nonviable from the outset.”

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported a record-breaking number of 302,034 encounters at the southern border in December alone.

CBP’s senior official, Troy A. Miller, stated, “We are maximizing all available resources to protect our personnel, the migrants, and our borders. However, the challenges we face underscore the urgent need for further Congressional support to uphold the law effectively.”

Former President Trump has been actively opposing any border agreement, aiming to obstruct any legislative victories for Biden.

Trump voiced his opposition, stating, “We should not agree to any Border Deal unless it encompasses all necessary measures to halt the massive influx of individuals, many from unidentified origins, into our country,” reflecting his stance on his social media platform.