Dr. Paul Grills Rachel Levine for Supporting Genital Mutilation on Minors

Wow! Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky deserves a standing ovation for having the courage to ask Biden’s latest appointee this one shocking question.

Rachel Levine is Biden’s controversial nomineee to be the Assistant Secretary of Health for America.

God help us.

Because as you will see, this former pediatrician turned transgender crusader Levine does NOT care about what’s best for our children’s health.

Levine also thinks parents should be cut out of the decision-making process when it comes to giving children puberty blockers and even conducting surgeries to remove a minor’s breasts or genitalia.


Or is it? The far Left no longer looks like the Democrats of just a couple decades ago.

Anyhow, watch Dr. Paul rake Levine over the coals on this video below. She avoids Paul’s question!


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