Everyone MUST See Trump’s 7 Steps To Take Back America

Critical Race Theory teaches kids that America is evil and all white people are to blame. Minorities are taught that they are helpless to change their individual situation and that they should blame others for it. Not exactly inspiring to young children, is it? You’re either evil and should suffer or you’re powerless to accomplish anything in life.

The longer these lessons are allowed to continue, the more damage it does to the fabric of our country. Children are growing up with a hatred of themselves, others and America. This is how a country dies. Its citizens no longer believe in the ideas behind it.

Trump wrote an article for RealClearPolitics that should be a wake-up call to all true Americans. He lays out the actions that must be taken immediately before progressives destroy our country and warp our children’s minds.

1. Remove Funding For Teaching Critical Race Theory

Last year, Trump signed an executive order to combat anti-American ideology that is tearing apart our country at the seams. He points out that this should be the standard across the country. A total funding ban for any workplace or school that preaches the idea that some races or genders are better than others.

This radical beliefs are all over social media and the companies do nothing to stop it:

“Cis” is the slur they use against normal people who don’t want to change their biological sex.

2. Examine Current Curriculums

For decades, schools have been slowly slipping into teaching students how evil America is. This has lead to an entire generation that wants to destroy their own country. Trump is right. This has to be modified and quickly.

Years of these school teachings has lead to it being common for young people to be very vocal on their hate of their own country.

3. Parents MUST Be Informed About Lessons

All class materials should be posted online for parents to access so they can be fully informed on what their child is being taught, Trump says. Many parents would object to ideas like CRT if they knew exactly what it’s all about. The summaries posted in the media and sent home are flowery lies. The real lessons are much worse than parents know.

4. Organize Locally

Every single school district in the country needs a group of informed parents to fight for their children. It’s going to take every single true American to fight against the Biden Administration’s radical school polices.

Right now, Congress is working on a $1 billion bill known as the Civics Secures Democracy Act. No Republican should trust the Biden administration with a billion dollars to spend on such programs. Even worse, the legislation threatens to establish a de facto national curriculum for history and civics, effectively bribing states into adopting the left’s anti-American curriculum. It is Common Core all over again — but much more extreme. And like Common Core, parents must unite to stop this new federal power grab.

Donald J. Trump via RealClearPolitics

5. Parents Should Be Given Their Choice Of Schools

The school voucher program was laughed at by the left. They claimed it would take money away from “inner city” (meaning bad) schools. Isn’t that exactly what should happen? Shouldn’t schools be forced to actually ensure safe and correct education to each and every student? If they refuse or are unable to do so, parents should be able to move their students to a school that will with a voucher to cover costs.

6. Get Radical Teachers OUT!

Sixth, states need to take back control of their schools of education and credentialing bodies to ensure they are not churning out radicalized teachers. To be clear, the overwhelming majority of our nation’s teachers are some of the most selfless and wonderful people there are — but regrettably, many have graduated from extremely biased education schools and may not even be aware of the degree to which leftist ideology has permeated their curriculum. States should set up alternative credentialing bodies that can certify great teachers who know how to instill a sense of love for America. School districts can then make it a priority to hire teachers with these certifications, especially for English, history, and social studies roles. States could even set up their own versions of Teach for America to get passionate and patriotic young people into the classroom.

Donald Trump via RealClearPolitics

7. Get Rid of Tenure For Teachers

Tenured teachers are protected from being fired over politics. That was a good idea when it started, but now extreme left-wing teachers are using these protections to twist the minds of our children. Trump argues that we must put an end to tenure so these teachers can be removed before they can do any further damage.

The left is targeting our children because they think we aren’t paying attention. They know that children are the future and they’re using them for their own sick agenda. Trump is right. We have to act now to stop them from destroying America or there won’t be an America for our grandchildren.

  1. As a former high school teacher and one who left teaching in LA, in part because the unions were coming in and I could see they would be serious problem in the future. I am only surprised by how long it took them to find the tool to destroy the nation. Most of them do not want to but many are very naive about our politics. Tenure was good, but has now become a problem and getting rid of it may not be doable. Some organization is in order on this point alone.

  2. Thank you for this article. I had no idea that this is going on in a school setting. Sick indoctrination! We need to get this out of our schools.

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