Fauci Might Go To Prison – Here’s Why

Senator Rand Paul has declared he will send a criminal referral of Anthony Fauci to the Department of Justice.

According to Rand Paul (and probably anyone with half a brain) Fauci lied in court over the funds he administered to the Wuhan Lab for gain of function experiments.

The top-level laboratory used the money to conduct gain of function experiments, Paul said, citing the U.S. government’s definition of gain of function. Fauci claims that the experiments conducted do not fit the definition.

The Epoch Times

What’s concerning to us is why Fauci hasn’t been held responsible already. His emails were leaked, showing he knew China was responsible for creating the virus, and that masks didn’t work. Yet people in many states are forced to wear face diapers.

Fingers crossed Rand Paul is able to lock him up.