Federal Employees BANNED From Talking About Founding Fathers – Here’s Why

Liberals have been telling us for years that our Founding Fathers need to be “canceled.” In their world, if someone wasn’t perfect, you aren’t allowed to like anything about them. The Left hates American’s origins so much that they’d love to cancel the whole thing.

Federal employees at the Federal Reserve have been given a list of words they’re not allowed to use. One of the newly offensive words is the term “Founding Fathers.”

Just speaking the word “father” is a serious problem to the left. They’re no longer allowed to recognize any difference between a man and a woman.

The guidance contains a list of “biased terms” to avoid, including “blacklist,” “grandfathered,” and “Founding Fathers.” Employees are instructed to use terms like “denied,” “legacy,” and “Founders” instead. 

The Fed also said the terms “whitelisted, “manpower,” “manmade,” and “singular generic pronouns” – such as “he,” she,” “his,” and “hers” – should be replaced with more “bias-free” alternatives like “allowed,” “artificial,” and pronouns such as “they,” “their” and “theirs.”

Fox News

Any reference to men and women is to be erased. It could be offensive to the small number of people who can’t figure themselves out! We are now supposed to pretend that everyone is confused about what’s in their pants! Everyone is they!

The left’s control of our daily speech gets worse and worse every year. Now with Biden in power, they’re infiltrating our government offices. Federal employees have much more important things to worry about than trying to keep liberals happy.

The Woke Mob wants to control our thoughts through our speech. They want us to be so scared to say something wrong that we don’t speak against them at all.

One twitter user had excellent advice that we all should be following:

The longer the left is in power, the worse this kind of control will be. They will continue to come up with more and more words to deem “offensive.” Their end goal is to control how we all express ourselves. We must refuse to let them.

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never felt an obligation to facilitate the mental illness of others. I am American. I speak English. And last time I checked, my Constitution allowed for that freedom.

    I am a woman. I am a mother. I am a wife. My pronouns are she/her. I simply do not feel compelled to learn a new “woke” language simply to make sufferers of gender dysphoria–a DSM-V defined mental illness–feel all warm and fuzzy. I am part of the 90% of America’s population who, thankfully, has not been contaminated by this insanity.

    I have to wonder what doctors are thinking when they decide that the best way to treat a mental illness is by feeding into a patient’s psychosis by prescribing plastic surgery and butchering the language.

  2. This is insane! Nobody is going to tell me what I CAN AND CANNOT SAY! They can take their crap ideas and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.

  3. “I see the word “A##hole” isn’t forbidden. Maybe we should use that more often./”

    I wouldn’t go that far, but there are plenty of other, equally expressive — and most are quite accurate — such as “retard” and others of the same kind of word — and they are of the “plain English” variety that most people who speak English can readily understand. On the other hand, I, too, feel your frustration, so why on God’s green Earth I should object to you using such strong terms is beyond me — by several hundred trillion light-years. I would just leave you the privilege of making that decision for yourself.

  4. It is time for the real men and women of this country to end these idiots. America is and always be a constitutional Republic. To those who do not like it give us a reason why we shouldn’t destroy your pathetic ideology. We will give you an opportunity to move to any country of your choice or we will just eliminate you. No more attacks on our way of life will be acceptable. Death will be your punishment if you ever attack us again.

  5. Liberals truly need a medical psychiatric evaluation when they make such statements. Just because liberals make a statement or pronouncement does not make it so or make it a fact much as they would like to believe so.
    As an RN with a Masters Degree whose nursing education included a rotation in psychiatric nursing it is clear that woke and liberal statements such as theses clearly come from deranged minds and that includes elected, and appointed office holders and others including the general public that espouse such tripe!!!
    It should also be noted that there are only two, yes only two, biological genders and they are male or female. When you stand in front of a mirror and can’t tell if you are male or female you do have medical and or psychiatric issues and you should seek medical or psychiatric help. I do not say this to mock you if you have this issue but you should seek help and not from a health care provider who tells you what you want to hear but one who wants to help you and who is not woke but one who practices sound medical practice. Note copy of this posting on file.

  6. I was born a SHE My Husband was born a HE. Without a H and a SHE. there can’t be any THEY, THEIR THEIRS THEM . This is nothing more than full blown MENTAL ABUSE. Why are we allowing our own government and a select group of complete idiots to continue mentally abusing us? This is completely unacceptable!!!

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