Former US Border Chief Shocking Allegation: Is Biden Stacking the Deck?

Is Joe Biden deliberately destroying our secure borders? Mark Morgan former Acting head of border security thinks so. The reason why is shocking!

“The Biden administration and far-left members of Congress view these individuals as potential new voters down the line, especially if they can ram through a radical amnesty proposal for the tens of millions of illegal aliens already here,” – Mark Morgan

Breitbart News

“The rhetoric during the year-plus Biden campaign has been very clear,” he added, arguing that Biden “wanted to undo [and] roll back every single effective policy and authority that President Trump gave us that allowed us to address the illegal immigration crisis, secure our borders [and] protect the American people.”

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This week, as Breitbart News reported, internal data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) showed that only 2,962 illegal aliens were deported in the month of April by ICE agents — the first time in recorded history the monthly deportation total has dropped under 3,000.

Breitbart News

It appears as though Joe Biden’s crazy plan to skew voting in the next election is working. How far will he take this?