CONFIRMED: Gas Station Drives Liberals Crazy with Hilarious Billboard

If you love funny memes that blast liberal Democrats, you will want to gas up your car at the Lewis Country Store in Nashville, Tennessee.

Some of the memes you will see on this recent video include a laughing Tucker Carlson, the empty gas gauge with the Biden/Harris logo, and even Hunter Biden smoking crack in a bathtub!


Here is another message on this station’s digital sign that stirred the pot:

This was a sign the owners put on the door blasting communists and letting people know that masks were NOT required:

Store owner Brad Lewis told News 2 this:

โ€œRest assured people like me are willing to fight until our last breath and bullet to defend the constitution of this last frontier of freedom left on the planet we call the United States of America.โ€ – Brad Lewis, Owner of the Lewis Country Store in Nashville

  1. Thank God we still have people willing to stand up and fight back, anyway they can. I say AMEN to that.

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