Gab’s CEO Rips Parler a New One

Remember a few months ago when tens of thousands of conservatives were leaving Twitter and joining Parler?

Parler seemed like the answer. Finally, a social media network that would let conservatives speak their minds.

But then Apple banned the Parler app. And then Amazon shut down Parler’s servers. And for a short time Parler ceased to exist.

Well, Parler has clawed it way back into existence. And its app will soon be back in Apple’s app store.

But it’s a phyrric victory. You see, Parler is now subservient to whatever level of censorship Apple demands.

Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, didn’t hold back when explaining just how bad of a deal this is…

Today Apple announced that they would be allowing Establishment Oligarch-owned Parler back on the Apple App Store. This comes after Parler ousted their pro-free speech CEO and Founder John Matze, who claims that his 40% stake in the company was stolen from him. After removing Matze Parler implemented a “troll filter” to censor “trolling content,” whatever that means.

Bloomberg reported that Parler is working with third-party artificial intelligence software company Hive to automatically censor and remove content that Apple doesn’t like. Hive works with other Big Tech companies like Reddit to leverage artificial intelligence to censor content at scale.

Shortly after this news, conservative firebrand Dan Bongino announced on his show that he is “no longer involved in the day-to-day” of Parler, which left the company at the whims of Billionaire Oligarch Rebekah Mercer. 

The same Mercer family behind the atrocious privacy nightmare of Cambridge Analytica. The same people who threw Milo under the bus. The same people who threw Steve Bannon under the bus. The same people who threw Parler Founder and Former CEO John Matze under the bus. The same people who threw President Trump under the bus.

So in essence Parler is now a smaller version of Twitter for Fox News pundits to “echo” each other into oblivion and for the Mercer family to gather data on you.

As of today, Gab is really the only social media platform that fully honors free speech. Furthermore, Gab is not under the control of any tech giant — which is absolutely critical to avoid getting shut down or censored.