Guess Who Trump Just Targeted – And Why It Matters

Donald Trump is once again, calling a spade a spade.

With two infrastructure packages reached and about to take the journey through Congress, on Tuesday, Trump blasted Republican senators for their failure to produce anything meaningful during negotiations with Biden and the Democrats.

“So sad to see certain RINO Republican Senators go back and forth to the White House and continually get nothing for infrastructure or anything else,” Trump said.


What really irked Trump was the weakness comes straight from the top, from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell himself!

McConnell said he didn’t know if he will support the agreement with Biden, saying he needed to see if the deal was “credibly paid for.”

“When will they learn that they are being played with, and used by, the Radical Left—and only bad things can happen. Should have never lost the Senate in the first place, thanks Mitch! New leadership is needed, and fast!” he concluded.


And you know, Trump has a point.

Even before Biden’s Presidency began, we have witnessed Top Republican Senators being weak and spineless when dealing with Democrats.

From not investigating the stolen election to Republican Senators voting to impeachment Trump – the GOP have clearly lost their way and we need Trump back to be our guiding compass!