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Supreme Court To Bail Trump Out?

Former President Trump has called upon the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene after his recent conviction on all charges in his New York criminal trial.

The Supreme Court’s involvement is typically limited to cases involving constitutional or federal law issues, which do not appear to be at the core of this case.

Trump posted on his Truth Social platform on Sunday, “The ‘Sentencing’ for not having done anything wrong will be, conveniently for the Fascists, 4 days before the Republican National Convention.”

He continued, “A Radical Left Soros-backed D.A., who campaigned on ‘I will get Trump,’ is working with an ‘Acting’ Local Judge appointed by Democrats, who is HIGHLY CONFLICTED, to decide the future of our Nation? The United States Supreme Court MUST DECIDE!”

Trump’s call for Supreme Court intervention follows a statement from House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) urging the Court to overturn the verdict. Johnson’s comments highlight the strong reaction among Republicans who are pushing for intervention to protect their leading presidential candidate.

Trump’s legal team has indicated plans to appeal the decision, a process that can only commence after the sentencing next month. The appeal would initially proceed through New York appellate courts before any potential review by the U.S. Supreme Court.