Is Biden Doing Enough To Protect America?

Hunter Biden’s legal team is actively challenging Fox News over their use of certain images, which they claim are private. This week, a letter was sent to Fox News from Biden’s lawyers, which several media outlets have since reported on. In the letter, Hunter Biden asserts that Fox News has illegally published “hacked” images and demands their removal from all Fox platforms.

The letter from Biden’s attorneys accuses Fox News of perpetuating attacks against Hunter Biden over the last five years, using him as a figure of ridicule to enhance their ratings and financial profits.

Responding to these allegations, Fox News released a statement on Tuesday. They defended their coverage by citing constitutional protections, noting that Hunter Biden is a public figure who has been under investigation by the Department of Justice and Congress. They highlighted his indictments in California and Delaware, and his own admissions of wrongdoing. Fox News maintains that their coverage of these well-documented events falls under the rights granted by the First Amendment.

Fox News has been at the forefront of reporting on Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption scandals and business involvements, which have also been subject to Congressional inquiries. These investigations have suggested that President Biden may have benefited from his son’s activities.

Moreover, Tina Glandian, one of Biden’s attorneys, criticized a docuseries produced by Fox for their streaming service. She argues that the series, which blends elements of fact and fiction for entertainment, lacks any legitimate newsworthy purpose. Glandian expressed these concerns during a CNN interview, stating that the series confuses viewers about what is true and what is fabricated, potentially leading to false perceptions of reality.