Is Biden Wrong To Mock Trump?

Poll Shows Trump and Biden in Close Contest in Wisconsin

Recent polling from Marquette Law School shows a close race in Wisconsin between President Biden and former President Trump, with Trump slightly leading at 51% to Biden’s 49%. This tight margin is within the poll’s error range of ±4.8 percentage points. Since January, Trump has gained a small advantage, previously both were tied at 49% among Wisconsin voters.

Wisconsin’s role as a crucial battleground state is underscored by its history of swinging between Democratic and Republican victories—Trump won in 2016, while Biden claimed it in 2020 by a slim margin, marking his narrowest win in the Midwest that year.

Looking ahead to the 2024 election, Democrats are hoping to maintain Wisconsin as part of their “blue wall,” which includes other key Midwestern states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, to secure a victory for Biden against Trump.

In the Democratic primary this year in Wisconsin, Biden won decisively. However, there was a notable number of nearly 50,000 votes for an “uninstructed” delegation, reflecting a surge in protest votes driven by progressive discontent, particularly due to dissatisfaction with the administration’s approach to the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.