Is this the Greatest Sports Week in History?

Get ready to wear out 10 batteries on your remote control. Get ready to scroll Twitter like you’re panning for gold. Get ready for the alert chimes from your Yahoo Sports app to cascade like cathedral bells on a wedding day.

Friends, The Greatest Week In Sports History is upon us.

You may know about the Sports Equinox, that peculiar overlap in the calendar where baseball, basketball, football and hockey happen all in the same day. In normal circumstances it only comes around once every few years; this year, we’re getting them by the armload. Now, though, we’ve stepped it up. Now we’re into Sports Supernova territory.

Consider what we’ve got ahead in the next seven days. Deep breath: NBA Finals. Stanley Cup Final. WNBA Finals. Major League Baseball playoffs. The French Open. NFL Week 4. College football’s Week Something-Or-Other. NASCAR’s playoffs at Talladega. UFC’s Fight Island 4. Plus regular-season events on the PGA Tour, MLS, NWSL and the Premier League, along with a bunch of smaller sports I’m surely missing.

Yeah. Remember when all we had to watch on TV was some country-buck tiger wrangler and old Chicago Bulls games?

Go ahead and wipe your calendar clean right now, because you’re going to want to watch roughly 200 hours of sports this week: GET THE STUNNING SPORTS SCHEDULE FOR THIS WEEK
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