Is Trump Innocent Or A Fraud?

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RNC Advises Christie and Ramaswamy Against Joint Fox News Appearance The candidates will now have individual interview slots.

As presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy exits the stage. On Monday, the RNC expressed concerns following announcements by Christie and Ramaswamy about their combined segment on Bret Baier’s Fox News show at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. They portrayed this as a chance for a meaningful discussion, something they felt was missing from the official RNC debates.

Ramaswamy shared on X, “The Republican party needs genuine debates on issues, not just catchy phrases. I’m set to engage in a detailed discussion with @ChrisChristie tomorrow at 6pm on Fox with @BretBaier.”

Fox News hasn’t responded to requests for comments, and the RNC chose not to comment.

Christie expressed his disappointment on X, stating, “It’s regrettable that our attempt to engage in a comprehensive conversation with each other and the public led to threats of being sidelined from the Miami debate and subsequent ones. Fox News extended this opportunity to every campaign, but the RNC seems to have effectively vetoed it.”

Ramaswamy criticized the RNC’s approach in a statement, calling it a “flawed system.”

He commented, “The recent RNC debate was far from satisfactory, and I’m beginning to think it was intentional. This appears to be a manipulated nomination process. While I have significant differences with Chris Christie, I was ready to confront him directly until the RNC stepped in. Rather than promoting open discussions and presenting primary voters with genuine options, it seems the establishment prefers secretive agreements and staged debates that include candidates without a clear way forward and irrelevant questions. It’s clear they were determined to challenge Trump. Now, they seem focused on supporting their chosen candidates. We won’t let this slide.”