Liberals OUTRAGED by This New Type Of “Trans”

Oli London, a white British influencer, has been accused of racism and “cultural appropriation” after claiming to identify as Korean. He has been subjected to death threats and bullying since coming out.

This isn’t the first person to claim to identify as another race. Rachel Dolezal got into some heat back in 2015. She was serving as the President of the Spokane, WA chapter of the NAACP. When it was revealed by her white parents that she was actually born white, she resigned from the position.

London thinks the identification is the just same as being transgender. Liberals, however, are raging against the idea that race is something that can be changed.

Despite the hate, there were some supportive voices for him in his journey to transition into a Korean.

One Twitter user seems to be trying to turn their own arguments against people. Perhaps to show them how “bigoted” they sound?

You have to wonder how long it is until the Woke mob changes steam on this issue. Will they turn out in support of Oli’s quest to become Korean? Or is this finally a step too far for Liberals?

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