Young Liberals in Tears: Biden Abandons THIS Campaign Promise

Biden has apparently cancelled one of his promises to give away free money. His administration’s new budget will not include $10,000 worth of student loan relief.

This was one of the major campaign promises that prompted many to vote for him. Now he’s decided he’s just not going to bother.

President Joe Biden will not include any student loan cancellation in his annual budget. While the annual budget, which is expected at the end of next week, only contains major policy plans that have already been released by the Biden administration, it’s another major setback for student loan cancellation. As a presidential candidate, Biden called for Congress to cancel up to $10,000 of student loans for student loan borrowers, but hasn’t enacted any policy for student loan cancellation through an executive order.


Liberals are predictably upset about losing their meal ticket. Some have said they regret voting for him at all.

What did they expect they would get when they voted “blue, no matter who”?

Yeah, we’ve been trying to tell you guys that for years! Nothing is ever free! Where did you think all that money was going to come from?

Democrats will offer you anything at all to get elected. Then somehow you never see any of it, but they still raise your taxes. Maybe these kids will figure that out now and vote red next time.

Or maybe Sleepy Joe just totally forgot that he even ran a campaign?

Liberals are going to be sore about this for the next few days. That is, until another politicians comes and promises them the moon. What will it be next? Free houses and cars for everyone? How do they keep buying into the Democrat’s bull?

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