McCarthy Just TORCHED Biden On His Lies

By now you probably heard about Joe Biden’s border crisis that has unleashed an army of invading migrants into the USA; including violent criminals and human traffickers.

If you are disturbed by this news – sorry but it gets worse. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi have the nerve to lie and gaslight us to our faces.

Thankfully, GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is taking a stand!

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted Democrats for spreading “misinformation” regarding the nation’s border crisis on Wednesday in a new video released on Twitter.

Western Journal

Here’s the actual tweet:

Ask any Border Patrol Agent if the border is under control.

Ask any American Citizen living near the border if Joe Biden is doing a good job of securing the border.

Then you’ll get the real story – the border is experiencing a crisis like never before and both Americans and Migrants are getting hurt, and even killed!