Media Claims Trump Losing Votes Of Christians, You Agree

Clyburn Slams Johnson and Trump for ‘Outright Lies’ Following Joint Conference

Representative James Clyburn (D-S.C.) criticized Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) and former President Donald Trump for their recent press conference, labeling the event as filled with “outright lies.”

During a television interview on MSNBC, Clyburn discussed the implications of the press conference held in Palm Beach, Florida, questioning its impact on the ability of Congressional Democrats to collaborate with Speaker Johnson. He emphasized that the Democratic Party prioritizes national interest above individual candidates, contrasting this with what he perceives as Johnson’s preference for Trump over the broader interests of the United States.

Clyburn expressed a firm commitment to placing “people over politics,” which he stated was a central theme of the Democratic platform. He reassured that despite the disinformation presented at the press conference, his party remains focused on advancing policies that benefit all Americans, setting aside political differences.

At the press conference, Johnson and Trump introduced a proposal to prohibit non-U.S. citizens from voting, a practice that is already unlawful. Johnson attributed the need for such legislation to what he described as insufficient border security and accused Democrats of facilitating unauthorized entry into the U.S., with the ulterior motive of transforming these individuals into voters.

Clyburn dismissed these claims as an attempt to fabricate issues where none exist, citing a long-term study that showed an exceedingly small number of illegal votes in over two decades of U.S. elections. He argued that such negligible figures should not distract from the priorities of governance and serving the American populace.

Overall, Clyburn’s comments reflect a steadfast resolve among Democrats to transcend partisan conflicts and misinformation in order to uphold democratic values and pursue a legislative agenda that aligns with the needs of the American people.