New Shocking Footage Proves ‘Wokeism’ Is A Cult

They’ve called us “conspiracy theorists” for a year and a half now. But who are they to name call? Just look at them!

“I will do everything in my power to educate my community. I will love my black neighbors the same as my white ones.”

BLM Protest Cult Leader

The cult of liberals repeated the words back to their leader like they were indeed at some sort of church service.

Speaking of church services, liberals typically tend to be atheist. But “love thy neighbor” is one of the most popular Bible quotes. Sounds a lot like what this BLM guy is preaching here.

But you can bet a liberal would never repeat a Bible quote. It has to be disguised in social justice warrior language first.

It’s curious the speaker chose to talk about loving your neighbors, because people already do that. Most of the time you hear about community violence is when it’s black on black crime, but the media isn’t ready to talk about that yet.

It doesn’t fit their narrative.

And this cult-member behavior from the liberals just proves how easy it is for the media to manipulate them.