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Trump’s Criticism of Milley Intensifies Calls for a Gag Order

Donald Trump has recently intensified his criticism of Mark Milley on social media, insinuating that Milley’s actions were tantamount to treason.

Ahead of an October 16 hearing regarding a proposed gag order, prosecutors submitted their final remarks to U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan. Since their initial request became public, Trump’s comments on Milley, who is likely to be a witness in the upcoming case, have become more aggressive.

Prosecutor Gaston stated, “It’s unprecedented for a criminal defendant to publicly imply that a known witness in his case should face such severe consequences.”

Furthermore, after the disclosure of Smith’s decision to include a seasoned war crimes prosecutor in his team, Trump directed another barrage of criticism towards Smith’s office. This criticism, prosecutors argue, poses potential risks.

The prosecution believes that Trump’s remarks could be seen as an attempt to intimidate witnesses and influence potential jurors before his much-awaited trial, set for March 4. Judge Chutkan has previously cautioned Trump against making provocative statements about the case and hinted at fast-tracking his trial if such comments persist. Notably, earlier in the week, Chutkan dismissed Trump’s request to recuse her from the case.

Smith’s team has expressed concerns that Trump’s criticisms of their office and the judge could jeopardize the fairness of the upcoming trial or even incite threats.

In another twist, prosecutors highlighted the inconsistency in statements from Trump’s camp. After an aide hinted that Trump had acquired a gun in South Carolina, which could be a breach of federal law given his current indictment, the claim was later retracted. Smith’s team pointed out the ambiguity, stating, “Either Trump unlawfully purchased a firearm, or he’s capitalizing on the misconception among his supporters that he did.”

Lastly, Smith’s office dismissed Trump’s claim that the indictment doesn’t directly implicate him in the January 6 events. Instead, they emphasized that the indictment indeed connects Trump’s actions, including his persistent false allegations of election fraud, to the events that transpired on that day. Gaston concluded, “The indictment clearly establishes a link between the defendant’s actions and the events of January 6.”