Olympic Athlete Turns Back on American Flag, Then Does THIS

Gwen Barry wasn’t too happy at the award ceremony for the Olympic Trials.

She turned away from the podium and American flag in protest. What made her so upset, you ask?

The national anthem.

Imagine achieving your dreams of going to the Olympics, but not even enjoying the moment because you’re furious over a song.

But of course, it’s much more than a song. The Anthem is something to be proud of and to feel powerful while listening to. It’s the sound of honor and loyalty.

Berry said that she has not decided how she will demonstrate at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“When I get there,” Berry said, “I’ll figure out something to do.”

The Daily Wire

This sounds like it might be a threat. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what she “does.” If her next move is any indication, we might have a protest on our hands.

After turning away and disrespecting the flag, Gwen then placed a shirt over her head that said, “Activist Athlete.”

It sure seems like she’s leading with hatred. This should’ve been a moment of joy happiness, and most of all, unity. But the liberals don’t know the meaning of unity anymore.