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Jack Smith Now Accuses Trump Of Doing This

This week, a court filing by Special Counsel Jack Smith highlighted an attempt by former President Donald Trump to delay his forthcoming trial in Florida, where he faces charges related to the mishandling of classified documents. As reported by Newsweek, Trump’s legal strategy involves leveraging his ongoing criminal trial in New York City as a reason to postpone the Florida case. In this trial in New York, Trump is entangled in allegations surrounding hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

In his Monday filing, Smith argued that Trump’s request for another postponement mischaracterizes the court’s awareness of his scheduling conflicts due to the New York trial. Despite Trump’s team suggesting otherwise, the court was fully informed of his trial in New York when the May 9 deadline for submitting expert witness disclosures was set. Smith emphasized that the defense has been given ample time to prepare, thus undermining their claims of being unprepared due to their busy schedule.

The filing further disputes the defense’s assertion that Trump’s legal team is too occupied with the New York case to meet the Florida deadlines. Smith noted that Trump chose to retain the same lawyers for multiple significant criminal cases, a decision which should not justify continual trial delays. He pointed out that Trump’s legal team, including capable local counsel, should be able to manage their responsibilities and adhere to the set deadlines.

Smith’s firm stance in the filing was that the court should not accommodate what he describes as a delay tactic and should instead insist on maintaining the established deadline for the Florida case. This development suggests ongoing legal complexities and strategic maneuvers as Trump faces significant legal challenges on multiple fronts.