Pelosi Calls Trump Deranged and Mentally Unstable, Is She Crazy?

In Other News

Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, who is also a 2024 GOP presidential contender, criticized former President Trump for his absence from recent GOP debates. DeSantis implied that Trump was emulating the strategy used by Joe Biden during his campaign, where Biden was often accused by Republicans of staying in his basement during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” DeSantis remarked, “To be frank, we can’t win against the Democrats by mirroring Biden’s approach of staying out of the public eye.” He emphasized the importance of being present and actively seeking votes, warning that voters would notice any candidate’s absence as the election draws near.

In a pointed comment about Trump’s age, DeSantis mentioned the need for a candidate capable of serving two full terms. This comes at a time when Trump continues to lead in GOP primary polls. Although DeSantis was initially perceived as a formidable opponent to Trump, his national poll numbers have waned since his campaign’s inception, and he hasn’t managed to close the gap with Trump.

When questioned about his strategy for victory, DeSantis emphasized the importance of active campaigning. He said, “Victory comes from being present, engaging with voters, especially in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire, and presenting a clear vision for the country’s future.” He confidently added that his track record as a reliable and effective leader sets him apart, stating, “I’ve consistently delivered results, not just promises. It’s time to move beyond excuses in Washington.”