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Trump Claims Iran’s Attack on Israel Wouldn’t Have Occurred Under His Presidency

At a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday, former President Trump reacted strongly to the recent attack on Israel by Iran, asserting that such incidents would not have occurred had he still been in office.

“Before going any further, I want to say God bless the people of Israel. They’re under attack right now. That’s because we show great weakness,” Trump began his speech. He suggested that the perceived weakness displayed by the current administration is a contributing factor and stated, “It would not have happened if we were in office. You know that. They know that, and everybody knows that.”

Trump emphasized that the U.S. is fully supporting Israel during this crisis and extended his thoughts to those affected.

“This attack, the situation in Ukraine, these things wouldn’t have occurred,” he added, highlighting his view on how his administration’s presence deterred such conflicts.

Amidst these remarks, other Republican leaders also voiced their criticisms of the Biden administration’s foreign policy. House Speaker Mike Johnson expressed solidarity with Israel and criticized the current administration for undermining Israel and appeasing Iran.

Representative Nancy Mace emphasized the necessity for President Biden to adopt a firmer stance with Iran, citing the drone strikes as evidence of a flawed approach and urging the U.S. to steadfastly support Israeli democracy.

In response to inquiries about the tensions, President Biden affirmed his commitment to Israel’s defense and succinctly warned Iran with a single word, “Don’t,” before declining further comment.