Psaki Dodges Tough Question About Governor Cuomo

The legacy media throws slow pitch softballs at Biden’s Press Secretary 99% of the time. Jen Psaki has a much easier job than any of President Trump’s previous press secretaries.

However, ABC News shockingly asked her a direct question about Governor Cuomo’s scandalous handling of the pandemic in the State of New York and Joe Biden’s previous praises of Cuomo’s job performance.

It was a good question because several months ago, Joe Biden described Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic as “the gold standard.”

This ABC reporter asks a fair question: “Does President Biden still consider Governor Cuomo the gold standard” of pandemic governors?

Watch Psaki try to b.s. her way around the question:

Many people in New York have lost loved ones or know someone who has died from COVID. They are not showing patience or wanting to let Psaki skate past this question after she refused to directly answer the elephant in the room (the nursing home death scandal.)

Twitter was all over Psaki on her shady handling of Jonathan Karl’s legitimate question:

I’m sure Ms. Psaki will “circle back” with her answer after the DNC conducts enough focus groups to pinpoint which stance Team Biden should take with Andrew Cuomo.

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