Race-Baiting Incident Backfires Perfectly On Woke Instigator (Video)

incident in the holiday inn

A recent video shows a Holiday Inn employee, Caleb C, suffering an emotional breakdown after being continuously harassed for minutes on end by a self-proclaimed “race-baiter” Tariq Nasheed.

The whole thing blew up in Nasheed’s face. Within a day, a GoFundMe page created to support Caleb received over $84,000. The number continues to grow by the hour.

The video is enraging because it’d clear as day that Nasheed is aggressively trying to instigate a response. When he did get more than he bargained for, he tried to spin the story as “white-vs-black.”

It did not work. See for yourself:

Caleb didn’t take this lying down and explained that there’s more to the story than what’s shown in Nasheed’s video:

“While I’ve now quit this position (my management supported me, and told me I’m welcome back. The guest was ejected from the hotel for escalating issues with staff and the owners.) I do have mental disorders,” he revealed. “I suffer from BPD and schizo-affective disorders. What this fine, 5’5″ bald gentleman behind the camera DIDN’T record was the fact that he called me a F**GOT for an associate’s mistake. He was aggressive, and fishing for a reaction. He sure got it; and I’m glad this was a wake up call for me to stop slaving away for corporations who do not care about you at all, or the guests.”

The Blaze

This story is one emotional rollercoaster, but the aftermath shows America waking up and taking a stance against the woke culture. It’s the America we know and love.

You can see the GoFund me page here.