Romney Calls Trump an Embarrassment, Is He Right?

On a recent Sunday, former President Donald Trump refuted a news article that claimed he had shared sensitive U.S. national security information with Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt. Trump took to his Truth Social account to dismiss the story, stating, “The report by The New York Times, which they claim was leaked by Jack Smith and the Biden DOJ, about an Australian individual named Anthony Pratt, is entirely false.”

Trump clarified that while he had conversed with Pratt, their discussions were focused on job creation in Ohio and Pennsylvania, not on matters of national security like submarines. “My primary concern has always been creating jobs,” Trump emphasized.

The original Times article delved into Pratt’s efforts to forge a close relationship with Trump, particularly after becoming a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. The report cited private recordings made by Pratt, some of which were aired on “60 Minutes Australia.” In these recordings, Pratt recounted conversations he had with Trump, including one that took place in late 2019 following a U.S. military strike on Iraq. According to Pratt, Trump told him about the strike before it even made the news. “He said, ‘I just bombed Iraq today, and the president of Iraq called me to say I had destroyed his city,'” Pratt claimed Trump told him.

Additionally, Pratt’s audio recordings included Trump’s comments about the infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which led to his impeachment by the House. According to Pratt, Trump downplayed the significance of the call, stating, “That Ukraine phone call is trivial compared to our usual conversations.”

Thus, while Trump denies sharing sensitive information with Pratt, the recordings suggest that the two had discussions on a range of topics, some of which touched on matters of national and international importance.