Melania Trump Reads Children’s Book for Holiday Event – Then Amazon Does THIS

Imagine writing a Christmas-themed children’s book series and then ultimately having First Lady Melania Trump select your book to read aloud during the annual holiday event at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC.

Imagine Melania enjoying your book so much that she then selected books two and three in the series to read aloud at the same Christmas event each year.

Imagine meeting Melania in person on numerous occasions because of your books — and being invited to the White House Christmas Party two years in a row.

And imagine getting a private meeting with President Trump because of your connection with Melania through your children’s books.

Guess what… this is exactly what happened to author Todd Zimmermann because of his Oliver the Ornament book series. The 2020 Press Release for the event announced it this way:

Earlier today, the Office of the First Lady announced that Mrs. Trump would be reading Oliver the Ornament Meets Marley & Joan and Abbey at this year’s gathering at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC. This is the third year in a row that the First Lady has selected books from the Oliver the Ornament seven-book series. In 2018, Mrs. Trump selected Oliver the Ornament, and in 2019, she selected the second book in the series, Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle. This continues a 70-year tradition started by Bess Truman and carried out by every First Lady since. 

Since writing the initial Oliver the Ornament series, Todd has continued to write stories that include his main character Oliver. One of his most recent titles is Oliver Doodle Dandy, a patriotic book that celebrates American freedom and opportunity.

When Todd published his most recent book, Melania had agreed to read the book aloud on a Facebook live video. Todd was prepared to spend thousands of dollars to promote the event. But the morning the reading was to take place, Zimmermann’s Facebook page disappeared.

And this is not the only strange thing Todd has experienced…

Following an interview on Newsmax about his books, sales began to surge on Amazon. Suddenly, without explanation, Amazon removed all of his books and products for 72 hours. Todd called 13 times over three days, but never received a satisfactory explanation.

After 72 hours had passed, all of Todd’s products magically reappeared on Amazon and were active again. When Todd asked Amazon how to avoid such a situation from happening again, they gaslighted him by claiming his listings had NEVER been removed!

Crazy, huh?

Todd wants to reach more children with the positive, patriotic message in Oliver Doodle Dandy, so he’s set up a special page to promote the book.

If you buy the book through this page, you’ll also receive fun educational games to help teach your children (or grandchildren) about America’s unique and inspiring history.

“It’s my hope that the story and these games demonstrate to children and adults that what unites us is far greater than what divides us,” Zimmermann said.

“I can see Democrats and Republicans sitting down together and marveling at the beauty of our National Parks, bantering about what’s the capital of Illinois, or trying to determine the difference between the shape of Kansas and Colorado. And I see children reading this book and playing these games, and then wanting to learn more about Rosa Parks, or Abraham Lincoln, or what it would take to become an astronaut.”

Don’t let Amazon (or any other company) suppress this important patriotic message… get your copy of Oliver Doodle Dandy here.