She’s Black, Sharp as a Tack, and “Thinking About Running for President”

In one simple, direct tweet, the outspoken, conservative firebrand, Candace Owens announced that she’s “Thinking about running for President.”

The response to her tweet was mostly positive with many saying they would support her only if Trump doesn’t run again in 2024. Others tweeted that a Trump/Owens ticket would be incredible. Of course, the Left immediately jumped on her for daring to step out of line and even consider a run for President, because, in their world, a black person is only allowed to be a Democrat—which reminds us of course, why we love Candace…she’s a free thinker and won’t allow anyone to keep her on the Democrat plantation.

Only yesterday, one of The View hags, Ana Navarro, blasted Democrat Van Jones for daring to take a photo with Candace Owens, and to make matters worse—he was actually smiling in the photo! The Left is truly unhinged. KEEP READING
Image Credit: Flickr
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