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Biden Jr Faces Jail Time

Jury Selected for Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial: Key Details

A jury of twelve jurors and four alternates has been selected for Hunter Biden’s federal criminal trial on gun charges, according to The Associated Press. This is the first of what could be two federal trials involving Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden.

Jury Selection and Case Background:

The panel, comprised of Delaware residents, was selected in just one day. During the selection process, potential jurors were questioned about their views on gun rights, political prosecutions, and whether the defendant’s father could influence their ability to remain fair and impartial.

Hunter Biden faces federal charges for purchasing a firearm in 2018. Prosecutors allege that he made false statements regarding his use of illegal drugs when acquiring the gun and unlawfully possessed it for 11 days. Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty, marking the first-ever criminal trial of a sitting U.S. president’s child.

What to Expect:

  • Opening Statements: Attorneys for Hunter Biden and the Justice Department are expected to deliver their opening statements on Tuesday. Prosecutors will argue that Biden lied on a federal gun purchase form about his drug use. Biden’s defense suggests he believed he was truthful, not considering himself a drug addict at the time.
  • Trial Duration: The trial is anticipated to last about two weeks.


Prosecutors plan to call several witnesses, including three women romantically involved with Hunter Biden, to testify about his drug use. These women include Kathleen Buhle, Hunter’s ex-wife; Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter’s late brother, Beau Biden; and an unidentified third woman.

Additional witnesses include:

  • The gun shop employee who sold the firearm.
  • A former Delaware police officer who recovered the gun.
  • Experts to testify about substances and coded messages.
  • Hunter Biden’s text messages, bank records, and excerpts from his memoir will also be presented.


Hunter Biden faces three felony charges:

  1. Two charges of lying on a federal background check form when purchasing a Colt Cobra .38 special revolver.
  2. One charge of unlawfully possessing the firearm.

If convicted, Hunter Biden could face up to 25 years in prison and $750,000 in fines. These charges are separate from another case in California, where he faces nine charges related to tax issues.

Family Support:

Several Biden family members, including First Lady Jill Biden and Hunter’s sister Ashley Biden, were present at the Delaware courthouse for the first day of the trial. President Biden, while not attending the trial, issued a supportive statement: “I am the President, but I am also a Dad. Jill and I love our son, and we are so proud of the man he is today.”

The president is expected to be abroad during much of the trial, with trips planned to Europe and Italy.