Texas Senate Passes Bill to Make These More Fair and Honest

In the early hours of May 30th, the Texas state Senate passed a bill to reform state elections. It was criticized by high-profile Democrats about provisions they say expands restrictions and penalties.

The measure would grant more power to poll watchers, and give them more access inside polling areas. It also creates new penalties against election officials who restrict poll watchers’ movements. The bill would also allow a judge to void the outcome of an election if the number of fraudulent votes could change the result.

And it includes criminal penalties for officials who send mail-in ballots to voters who didn’t request them. Governor Greg Abbott has hinted that he supports these type of measures.

State Sen. Bryan Hughes, a Republican who authored the bill, said the measure would keep Texas’s elections fair and honest. Hughes said:

“We want elections to be secure and accessible… the provisions of this bill apply equally across the board.”

Hughes added during the Senate session that the bill has “common sense” mandates against fraud. As you’d expect, Democrats don’t want anything that make elections more fair or honest.

President Biden said in a statement over the weekend that the Texas measure “attacks the sacred right to vote.”

Marc Elias, a lawyer who has filed several election-related lawsuits on behalf of Democrats, said he will file more lawsuits soon.

Elias also filed a lawsuit to challenge a similar election bill signed into law in Florida several weeks ago.

Other states have passed bills to improve election integrity. In mid-May, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, signed a bill that updated requirements to be eligible and remain on the state’s early voting list. This was designed to make the state’s elections more honest and secure.

So if Democrats don’t like a bill, then it’s probably good. What would the downside be to make it more difficult to cheat in elections? Maybe not as many Dems would win elections.

And to paraphrase William Shakespeare: “Methinks that Team Donkey doth protest too much.”

The Left knows they can’t win most elections with better ideas. That’s why it appears they resort to election fraud. Just like the 2020 election in swing states like Michigan, Georgia and Arizona.

These bills are proof that more people and states want elections that are as fair and honest as possible. It’s a good sign to see increased support for these measures across the country. It’s also the best way we can keep our republic.