These Trending Numbers Forecast Future Trouble for Biden

Liberals love polls from Democrat-friendly sources like Real Clear Politics.

Let’s see how much they love this: according to recent polling, Joe Biden’s honeymoon period is over.

His approval ratings are in steady decline, and he’s now “underwater” with independent swing voters.

Also, Biden’s approval numbers are dropping faster than previous Democratic presidents.

“It’s not a good sign for Joe Biden,” said Republican pollster Jim McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates. “What we’re seeing right now are approval numbers in the low 50s … and the intensity level is only about 32% of people say they strongly approve of the job he is doing.”

According to the firm’s May survey, Biden’s approval numbers are trending down. Perhaps more importantly, his disapproval numbers are rising sharply.

In the Real Clear Politics average, Biden’s approval rating has drifted down to 52.3% as of June 22, which equals his previous low as president. Meanwhile, his current disapproval average has spiked to 43.6%, just shy of his previous high, and up from 36% at the close of his first week in the White House. (One caveat: The majority of the polls factored into his latest averages do not reflect his recent performance in Europe.)

During a Monday appearance on “Just the News AM,” McLaughlin repeatedly cited “upside down” support among independents as a particularly ominous sign for the future of the Biden presidency’s popular standing. The president is now underwater among these crucial swing voters, with 47% approving and 51% disapproving. Just 44% of independent voters believe the country is headed in the “right direction,” which McLaughlin says is likely a bellwether for 2022 voting patterns.

The president’s approval has fallen to just 44%among white voters and 47% with likely 2022 male voters. Female voters, however, remain heavily pro-Biden, giving him a 59% approval rating, while a resounding 87% of African-American voters give him a thumbs-up.

Just the News

One of Biden’s biggest problems that is certainly affecting his popularity is inflation. Everything from gasoline to grocery prices are rising substantially – something no president has dealt with since Jimmy Carter.

Biden’s border crisis, his performance in Europe, and his frequent “senior moments” in front of cameras isn’t helping his poll numbers, either.

He’s pushing too many radical left agenda items, including the ramming of transexual propaganda down America’s throat.

Using the Veteran’s Administration budget on sex change operations and all of the overbearing, incoherent messaging on masks and mRNA shots are also issues that have evaporated Biden’s honeymoon with American voters.

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