This Covid-19 Medication Was A “Conspiracy” – Until Now

Up until now, there have been “no successful medications” to treat Covid-19.

If you ask the democrats, that is.

According to them, absolutely nothing works against Covid-19. The only protection you have is to wear a mask (which doesn’t work) and take a vaccine (which is experimental).

In 2020, many doctors came forward about a medication called Ivermectin. Dr. Simone Gould and Dr. Tenpenny are just two of many doctors who touted the effectiveness of the medication.

The only problem was that the government had made it virtually impossible for doctors to prescribe it.

Strange, considering the medicine had been used for decades. The FDA even put it on a special “Safest Medications” list.

So since it was so difficult to come by Ivermectin, another medication surfaced called Remdesivir. Doctors claimed Remdesivir worked extremely well against Covid-19.

But doctors ran into the same roadblocks. The government wasn’t sharing this news with the public.

Sorta sounds like a vaccine agenda if you ask us.

As it turns out, the CCP actually filed a patent to get their hands on that exact medication. That’s right. China knew Remdesivir worked so well, they wanted it for themselves. (See image below.)

They wanted it so badly in fact, they illegally produced it even before the US approved their patent.

So what have we learned from this? We’ve learned that the US government kept secret an extremely effective medication that could have saved thousands and thousands of lives.

We’ve learned that the medication works so well, other countries are scrounging to get their hands on it.

And we’ve learned that there was no need for an experimental vaccine at all. Not when there were other methods from the very beginning.