This SCOTUS Ruling In Arizona Will Piss Off Democrats!

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court put their foot down on Democrats and election fraudsters: ballot harvesting will NOT be tolerated in Arizona!

Backstory: Arizona has a bill called HB 2023 that outlaws ballot harvesting and voting outside of your precinct.

Of course, the Democrats and radical left called this common-sense piece of law “racism”, “hurting minorities”, and “a violation of the Voter Rights Act”.

Thankfully, Alioto, Roberts, Thomas, Gorsuch, Barrett, and Kavanaugh did the right thing to uphold election integrity.

Justice Alito weighs in on the ruling:

“Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act provides vital protection against discriminatory voting rules, and no one suggests that discrimination in voting has been extirpated, or that the threat has been eliminated. But Section 2 does not deprive the States of their authority to establish non-discriminatory voting rules, and that is precisely what the dissent’s radical interpretation would mean in practice,” Alito wrote.


What Is Ballot Harvesting?

According to Wikipedia:

Ballot collecting is the gathering and submitting of completed absentee or mail-in voter ballots by third-party individuals, volunteers or workers, rather than submission by voters themselves directly to ballot collection sites.


It’s a hot topic right now because ballot harvesting is rife with fraud and tampering.

Will the SCOTUS make more ruling like this to protect electing integrity? Will the Democrats expand their election-tampering powers?

Only time will tell. Keep an eye on Buzz Feed for any future developments.