Troops Say They Will Leave Military If THIS Is Mandatory

The military has been working to make the COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for troops. Senator Thomas Massie, from Kentucky, says that military members are going to quit instead of being forced to take the vaccine:

It may sound crazy to some people that they would give up their position over a shot. However, our troops have some very valid reasons for refusing vaccines. There have been serious issues in the past:

The United States military started administering the anthrax vaccine during the Gulf War to fight the risk of exposure to the rare anthrax disease, which can be weaponized. The anthrax vaccine, a mandatory immunization for service members until 2004, has been linked to dozens of adverse reactions and long-term side effects. 

Many military personnel and Veterans are now dealing with disabling conditions and adverse events that may be connected to the anthrax vaccine.

Berry Law

Some of the apparent side effects from the mandatory Anthrax vaccine are quite scary.

Autoimmune arthritis

Multiple sclerosis



Allergic neuritis (nerve inflammation that can lead to paralysis)

Allergic uveitis (eye muscle inflammation that can compress the optic nerve and lead to blindness)

Congenital disabilities in children

Neurological damage

Slurred speech

Impaired motor skills

Cognitive impairment

Loss of balance

Lack of coordination

Berry Law

The safety of our troops is very important to the security of the entire country. If the COVID vaccine could possibly put them in danger or cause them to leave, maybe we should hold off on it.

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