Trump Vindicated By DOJ Report, FBI In Hot Water

Well, it looks like Trump was right… again!

The Fake News Media called him a “conspiracy theorist” and a “kook” for saying the FBI was corrupt, and the Liberals fell for it; hook, line, and sinker.

Now, a recently released DOJ finding claims the FBI accepted bribes from members of the media!

A report from the Department of Justice inspector general has found that a former senior FBI official was accepting pricey gifts from and engaged in unauthorized socialization with members of the media while the agency was investigating then-presidential candidate Donald Trump based on “intelligence” it was fed from the Hillary Clinton camp.

Western Journal

Apparently, this FBI official was in bed with the media between January and November of 2016.

This is a clear violation of FBI policy!

What’s even more concerning is this isn’t front-page news. An FBI agent taking bribes should be screaming across the headlines right now, but the Swamp protects its own.