Video: What This Guy Does to a BLM Roadblock is EPIC

Surveillance cameras can be annoying. They also are oppressive because they can be used against American civil liberties.

However, sometimes a surveillance camera provides us with gems like this:

An anonymous man in Minneapolis is caught on tape dismantling a BLM roadblock set up on the perimeter of an “autonomous zone” created as a shrine for George Floyd.

Whoever this guy is, Patriots are hailing him a hero.

According to video captured by the Star Tribune, the unidentified man pulled up to the show in his pickup truck before tossing signs to the pavement. At about 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, he returned to his car, took a hatchet, and bashed into what seemed to be a tiny shed.

“This was particularly upsetting that this would happen after the historic trial and the upcoming memorial,” said LaToya Evans, a spokesperson for a nonprofit organization organizing a Floyd memorial.

According to a spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department, the incident was not disclosed to police and, as a result, investigators have not yet investigated it.

All of the garbage was blocking a road that leads to “George Floyd Square,” a remote “autonomous” and “cop-free” region that surrounds the Cup Foods store near where Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020. Business owners in the district, which has been plagued with gang activity and violence, banded together earlier this year to seek city bailouts after officials permitted the zone to continue operating after June.

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See what happens when you defund the police?

Nobody came to rescue the BLM autonomous zone.

How sad.

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  1. This world has become so Godless and perverted that BLM/Antifa blocks off public streets in ” Honor” of a black thug, who was committing a crime under the influence of drugs, and died needlessly. If he wouldn’t have been engaged in criminal behavior while high, he would still be enjoying his life today!
    Where is his accountability? Why are the police the only ones held accountable? The Demon-crats running this country are just as much to blame. Hard working, God fearing, true Americans off all colors are getting fed up with this nonsense! You go buddy! Tear it down! Send a message to the far left.
    This has to stop!

  2. All of us people are going to have to do the cops job, that our tax money is paying these pansy cops to protect our cities, we need to go and put a bullet into all the BLM heads, because the cops are afraid of these want to be Mayors and low life Governors.

  3. Bravo for this man and his accomplishments regarding removal of the offensive roadblocks and all. Our government has become a wholly cowardice organization from the lowly dog catcher all the way down to POTUS and everything in between. Giving up the control of whole city blocks to special interest groups for their appeasement is not what I would call being in the best interest of the citizens who used to reside and conduct business in those areas. Let alone for those citizens who paid their taxes to ensure they could travel to and from their daily destinations on those sections of the roadways without any resistance, infringement on their abilities to do so.

    NAH! This is shameful, at best. Criminal for sure… and the local government in that area is complicit in the criminal activity. Being the cowards the government’s become, they’re aiding and abetting the criminal’s and their activities in this and other similar communities throughout this country.

    MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

  4. Love it!!! Maybe if most people with a lot of strength do this, they will stop their off the wall terrorism. It’s disgusting and totally illegal. Thanks liberals for voting in the most insane president we’ve ever had. If he goes. Look at who’s next. God forbid!!!!

  5. I wish he had set it on fire, so that it would have burned to the ground.
    But then again because he was likely white, he would have been charged with arson or a hate crime.
    That is public property, everyone has a right to access and use of the space, not just those who pay homage to a drug addicted low life. From the looks of it they have been “Blocking Access” with garbage.
    “Officer, he was just trying to help with the clean up and removal process”, perfectly plausible right?

  6. He “speaks” for millions of Americans that need to do the same thing, good for him – well done.

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